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TRAXX™ offers a line of Engineered Flooring Products that are rigorously tested to ensure long-term performance and superior results in the most demanding of carpet and vinyl installations. Visit for a complete showcase of our products.


High-performance floor covering installation products that professional installers can always count on for quality, performance, and value.

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CarpetShims is now a Traxx Corporation company. As an essential part of the Traxx Ramps™ category, we're making sure you're still getting the great flooring ramp products you've come to trust!

Everyone likes the look of beautiful hardwood, ceramic tile, stone, or marble floors in a home or office. However, the installation of carpet next to these hard surfaces has been very difficult because of the height difference between the carpet and the hard surfaces. Until the development of Carpet Shims, carpet installers used a multitude of remedies to solve this problem. They include using double, or even triple, tack strips (shown at left) next to the hard surface which leaves an unsightly drop off. Building a ramp out of materials such as float compound which may break up over time and is extremely time consuming; shake shingles (expensive, not easy to use); or a cardboard build-up which also breaks down over time. Metal or wood thresholds may be used but they are not widely preferred by the homeowner.


With Traxx's composite board ramps, you'll easily eliminate the problem of height differences from carpeted floors to hard surface floors.

• No more double tack strips.

• No more floating floors with fillers.

• No more building ramps with cardboard or whatever material is available.

• No need for hard to use shake shingles.

• Eliminate the sharp edges of the hard surfaces!

• No more unsightly hard surface edges.

• Beautifully finished transition, EVERYTIME!